domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

La historia detrás del poema: Two trees

Hace tiempo que quería escribir algo en inglés ya que muchas de las introducciones a los poemas las he incluido en ese idioma. A riesgo de perder la exactitud de las palabras que a veces aparece en español quise intentar a mi vez. Esta es la historia de dos árboles en tiempos donde necesitamos tantos. Por lo menos hoy hay dos más.

We don't have to live in a world
where we give bad names to beautiful things,
we should live in a beautiful world
we should give beautiful a second chance.
Beautiful, Marillion

Two Trees

There are two trees looking west
two small promises of what the world was once upon a time.
Keen keepers of words
the thin and tall Mahogany tells a story about love needding two
while the small Red Cedar talks about the existance of trees
that guide and look, in turn, after love.

There are words looking west
looking into the fading sun
the same sun that everyday promises to return at dawn,
so night can look, in turn, after this two
while they grow delivering unseen colors
to an already magical house and land.

Trees and words will certainly have their chance
somehow connected to our lives,
I believe that is us
living the words
feeding the trees
adding colors every moment of joy and peace,
while they look upon this entirely new days
natural inspiration created by two
sometimes, in turn, looking west.

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Olá amigo, vim ler e deixar um abraço, tenha uma semana de paz e sucesso.